Indirekt, breit diversifiziert und sicher
Indirekt, breit diversifiziert und sicher

Success with MedTech start-ups in Silicon Valley

The ‘MedTech Venture Capital Fund’ sees Picard Angst make it possible to undertake direct incubator investing in medical technology start-ups in Silicon Valley. Demographic development, market inefficiencies and technological progress will lead to strong structural growth over the next few years. Invest in the future of healthcare now and generate a sustainable impact for patients and your portfolio alike.

The fund was successfully launched on 17 November 2021 with a first closing of 20.7 million USD. There will be further opportunities to invest in this fund within the next year.

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The Picard Angst MedTech Fund invests in start-ups developing disruptive solutions for the fields of cardio-circulatory medicine, ophthalmology, e-health and artificial intelligence, areas that are growing rapidly due to structural factors. Discover some examples.

Cataract lenses

Atia Vision is developing a next generation accommodating intraocular lens.

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Infarction assistance system

Supira Medical is developing a next generation percutaneous ventricular assist device.

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A new approach to valve replacement

Tioga Medical is redefining the transcatheter approach to valve replacement.

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Implant for heart failure

Adona Medical is developing the next-gen shunt implant for heart failure.

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Glaucoma platform

Myra Medical is developing a titratable high-flow platform for glaucoma treatment.

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Medical ERP solution

Enlil is developing cloud-based enterprise software for MedTech companies.

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Strategy reduces risk and accelerates ROI

The Picard Angst MedTech Fund pursues a consistent fast follower strategy to minimise risk compared to traditional venture capital investment and accelerate value creation. This strategy has seen impressive success: 6 exits, each in under 5 years, and a five-fold return on investment.

  • Which treatment methods have substantial room for improvement?

  • Which business models and solutions promise speedy success?

  • Which providers could be interested in taking on new solutions?

  • Research and development phase: design, tests, patent protection, production etc.

  • Sale of the company with the new solution to a large provider.

The Picard Angst MedTech Venture Capital Fund finances start-ups in the R&D phase, which generally lasts 1-3 years and is followed by the exit phase, which can also last 1-3 years.

‘This investment has a sustainable impact on patients’ lives.’

Peter Pilavachi, Partner and Portfolio Manager

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Product information

The Picard Angst MedTech Venture Capital Fund is a risk capital fund that makes direct investment in the most promising MedTech start-ups in Silicon Valley. Thanks to its consistent fast follower strategy, it offers high potential returns and minimised risk, compared to traditional VC investments.

MedTech Venture Capital Fund

Key data
Investors Professional/institutional investors
Fund volume USD 50 to 100 million
Minimum investment USD 500’000
Investment criteria Large medical market/fast follower opportunity
Sectors Cardiology, e-health, ophthalmology
Stage Early stage, pre-revenue
Investment steps 2 – 3, series A, B and sometimes C
Exit strategy After around 2-5 years
Returns 3 to 5 times the investment
Fund term 5 years + 1 + 1
Fund launch date successfully launched 17.11.2021
Sales authorisation CH, MEA
ISIN LU2377360529, LU2401175760
Management fee (p.a.) 2%
Performance fee 20%
Investment manager Picard Angst AG
Management company Notz Stucki (LU)
Custodian bank UBS
Legal structure Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF)

MedTech incubation hub in Silicon Valley

The Picard Angst MedTech Fund is based on a collaboration with the MedTech incubation hub Shifamed, based in Silicon Valley. It was set up in 2009 by MedTech entrepreneur Amr Salahieh and has already delivered six successful exist. On the state-of-the-art campus, the start-ups can benefit from six fully fitted research labs, cleanrooms and production facilities. The management team has more than 20 years of clinical, technical and marketing experience and has already registered more than 140 patents.

Six good reasons to invest


Increasing ageing is leading to major structural growth for eye-related issues and coronary-circulatory illnesses.


Making up 10% of global GDP, the healthcare sector is a huge market with enormous potential for optimisation.


The healthcare sector is at the start of its digitisation journey and is ripe with opportunity.


This investment will help save lives and safeguard medical progress.


Our fund offers the opportunity for three to five-fold return on investment in under five years.


Our fund minimises risk compared to other venture capital investments.

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Peter Pilavachi

Senior Portfolio Manager MedTech VC


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