Indirect, broadly diversified and safe
Indirect, broadly diversified and safe

Growing Yield advantages with Swiss Residential Mortgages

Given the low interest rate environment at the moment, it is barely possible to generate positive returns with bonds. As a result, Picard Angst uses Swiss Residential Mortgages to offer an attractive alternative, via the investment foundation avenirplus. By financing mortgages, primarily on residential properties in Switzerland’s Mittelland region, it is possible to generate yield advantages while keeping risk levels low.

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"Our rigorous selection process leads to an outstanding risk/return profile."

Marco Fumasoli, Head of Asset Management

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Product information

Avenirplus’ Swiss Residential Mortgages finances first mortgages secured by rights of lien, preferably on residential properties within Switzerland’s Mittelland region. It focuses on financing mortgages at fixed interest rates for borrowers with top-class credit ratings. All the properties are automatically insured against earthquakes.

Swiss Residential Mortgages

NAV CHF 1,035.753
Investment group assets (millions) CHF 161.10
Launch date 1 Sept 2016
ISIN CH0371635027
Custodian bank Credit Suisse
Supervision OAK
Investment Manager Investas AG, Bern
Auditors BDO AG
Annualised volatility 0.54%
Modified Duration 4.87

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Borrowing levels


Types of mortgage

fixed interest

Maturity structure

Success in the Mittelland region since 1998

The avenirplus investment foundation offers sustainable, collective forms of investment for Swiss pension funds, independent of banks and insurance companies. It currently manages CHF 500 million, and boasts an outstanding network in Switzerland’s Mittelland region as part of the v.Fischer Investas Group, founded in 1873.

Six good reasons for your investment

Yield advantages

Swiss Residential Mortgages offer more attractive potential in terms of returns than bonds.

Low volatility

Fluctuations in value are utterly minimal, even within a volatile environment.

Low borrowing rates

At 40%, the borrowing rate is more than 25% less than the statutory maximum.

Fixed interest rates

More than 90% of the mortgage receivables are assigned at fixed interest rates.


All the mortgagees have top-class credit ratings, as calculated by avenirplus’ specialists.


The safety level corresponds to AAA bonds, and all the properties are insured against earthquakes, too.

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Senior Client Advisor Market Switzerland


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