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Climate check: The concise analysis of your portfolio

Agnes Rivas has been part of the ESG Competence Center since the beginning of 2024 and is responsible for client support in the area of sustainability and the further development of services.

Launched in summer 2023, the Climate Check from Picard Angst's ESG Competence Center has met with a very positive response. A representative number of participants with total assets of more than 100 billion benefited from a concise, data-driven analysis of the relevant climate indicators of their investment allocation. As the question of how to invest more sustainably will continue to occupy us in the investment year 2024, we are offering the Climate Check again.

How climate-friendly is your portfolio? How does it compare to your peers?

The declared net-zero goal of the financial center, the increasing demand for responsible investments and specific efforts on the part of regulators and industry associations are bringing these issues to the fore. With the Swiss Climate Scores and the ASIP Reporting Standards, investors are also required to address climate issues and transparently disclose key climate figures.

Picard Angst's Competence Center can help. Thanks to our comprehensive database and our many years of experience in the collection and interpretation of key financial figures, we can provide you with a concise, informative factsheet containing the most important climate indicators for your portfolio – our Climate Check. You will receive detailed information on carbon intensity, exposure to fossil fuels and implied temperature rise, including a peer group comparison.

Example of a report

With the climate check, you benefit from

  • A solid assessment of your current situation: a basis for discussion and decision-making in order to identify levers or plan further steps
  • Full transparency: independent, comprehensible, and data-based evaluation of your portfolio
  • A peer group comparison: consolidated overall score for a meaningful comparison with the peer group

It's that simple

Send an Excel file of your portfolio data with ISIN and weight details at the end of 2023 to, latest by March 2024. We will take care of the rest. If you need further information, we look forward to receiving your inquiries.

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