Individual AMC solutions

End-to-end service for your own active certificates

"Our digital platform will make the handling of complex products like AMC easier, faster, safer and more efficient." Adrian Wiedon, Head of Client Advisory

Actively managed certificates, which enable investment strategies to be executed much faster and more cost-effectively than funds, are in high demand. Picard Angst offers an end-to-end service for independent asset managers, encompassing the creation, sale and management of individual tailor-made active certificates. By using our platform, you will enjoy a completely digital solution.

Alongside barrier products with coupons, which are especially popular among investors, AMCs (actively managed certificates) are in particularly high demand. They enable investment strategies to be executed swiftly and, above all, cost-effectively, and can cover topics such as the sharing economy or rare earths.

As an asset manager, you can use AMCs to pool your customers and manage your trades more efficiently. AMCs are easy to distribute to potential new clients as allocating shares is a very simple process. In turn, this lets you build up a reputation and a public audited track record in a flash.

4 steps to your AMC

At Picard Angst, you can set up your actively managed certificate in four steps:

1. Strategy

Tell us your ideas, needs and terms.

2. Bespoke Structure

We advise you on the implementation and design of your AMC.

3. Documentation

We draft and publish all the legal and product documentation.

4. AMC Launch

We launch your AMC, list it, and make it ready to be purchased by investors.

You can easily manage and monitor your AMC on our digital platform at any time.

Legal & Compliance Services

Picard Angst offers legal and compliance services for setting up your actively managed certificates. Our FINMA-licensed regulatory status affords you access to a rich selection of structuring options and jurisdictions. We offer AMC wrappers on a range of platforms in several jurisdictions (Switzerland, Luxembourg, Guernsey).

Full Administration Services

Picard Angst offers full administration services for your AMC, including the provision of daily NAV and liquidity. Advisory and performance fees are also accrued on a daily basis. You are given online access to up-to-date product documentation such as term sheets.


We tailor reporting to your needs, or those of your clients. You can receive your AMC as a white-label solution on request, i.e. all the documents feature your desired branding.

"With our algorithms based on artificial intelligence, we discover market inefficiencies and can optimize investment decisions on a long-term basis." Clemens Struck, Head of Machine Learning


Draw benefit from our analytics systems that use machine learning to uncover market inefficiencies in our global financial data cloud, helping to optimize investment decisions in the long run.

ESG Screening

Monitoring portfolio-level ESG scores enables us to identify potential risks arising from breaches of ESG criteria at an early stage and integrate them into investment decisions.

Hedging Solutions

We advise on and implement hedging solutions to optimize risk return and minimize drawdowns.

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