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Stable returns with real estate investment group

The fund invests in real estate assets throughout German-speaking Switzerland, while adhering to the principle of balanced risk distribution. The opportunities and risks of the Swiss real estate market are covered in their entirety by means of broad diversification. Preference is given to locations in cities, agglomerations and prosperous municipalities, or transport hubs with public transport facilities. The fund invests primarily in residential properties.

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Product information

Real estate investment group makes focused investments via the avenirplus foundation in residential properties in Switzerland’s Mittelland region. Around two third of its assets are held in commercial properties. Active portfolio management ensures constant yield optimisation, reaching more than 25% since its launch at the end of 2016.

Real Estate Investment Group

Investmetn group asset (in m) CHF 205
Number of properties 27
Launch date 01.11.2016
ISIN CH0371634939
End of the fiscal year Calendar year
Appropriation of earnings accumulating
Management Fee 0.4%
NAV Publication monthly
Investment manager Investas AG, Bern
TER ISA (GAV) 0.88%
TER ISA (NAV) 1.26%
Annualised volatility 0.93%
Proportion vacant 5.6%
Third-party financing ratio 29.0%




Mittelland (SO/AG)

“Being anchored in Switzerland’s Mittelland guarantees the high quality of our properties.”

Christian Falasca, Portfolio Manager, avenirplus Immobilien

Success in the Mittelland region since 1998

The avenirplus investment foundation offers sustainable, collective forms of investment for Swiss pension funds, independent of banks and insurance companies. It currently manages CHF 700 million, and boasts an outstanding network in Switzerland’s Mittelland region as part of the v.Fischer Investas Group, founded in 1873.

Six good reasons for your investment

Yield advantages

Real Estate Investment Group offers an attractive risk-return profile.


Reduction of the carbon footprint through extensive refurbishment and development of existing buildings.

Low volatility

Fluctuations in value are exceptionally low, particularly in a volatile environment.

Focus Bern

The majority of the properties are located in the Mittelland area, especially in the region around the capital city.


Properties offer the opportunity for qualitative diversification.


The properties are selected by specialists established in the region.

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